Differences in rendering for .babylon file vs .glb

So I have two versions of the same model. One as a .glb, and one as a .babylon, which was generated from said .glb. When I try to import the .glb, everything is rendered fine. When I try to import the .babylon, some transform nodes and meshes are not rendered. I didn’t change my code. I use LoadAssetContainerAsync as the import method for both. I printed out whether or not the disappeared meshes and transform nodes are visible and enabled, and all say true.

It’s only some descendant meshes and transform nodes under specific transform nodes though. I can print out the meshes and transforms, and they all look the same. And since my code is the same, and the names of the meshes and transform nodes of the files are the same, and since the groupings of the meshes and transform nodes are the same, and those groups (even the ones that won’t render) are accessible in code, I’m guessing this is babylon reading the .babylon file wonky. I’m not sure though.

I tried to reproduce this error in the playground but could not, so can’t really provide an example. Any thoughts based on how the .glb file vs .babylon files are processed during import?


Try to create a playground where your .babylon and .glb are appended side by side into the scene. It would be easiest to debug, else it’s incredibly hard to debug with your current description of the problem :slight_smile:

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