Babylon.js sandbox issue

Hello everyone,

When i upload my 3d model in sandbox i get the following error message.

I used babylon.js gltf exporter for 3Ds Max 2020 and 2018 and i get this error for both versions. I uploaded the same files this week in sandbox and they worked just fine. This issue appeared today.

Can anyone help me please?. Thank you.

pinging @Drigax

Hmm, this one is weird. I’ve been updating the KHR_materials_variants loader extension a lot and @Deltakosh has been adding functionality to the inspector, but I don’t repro this problem. Are you still seeing it?

This is wierd. Yesterday when i had the issue i asked a friend to test the model on his computer and it worked just fine for him. I uploaded again the models today and everything works just fine :smiley: :dizzy_face:.

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