Babylon JS with Hololens 2

Anyone use Babylon JS with the HoloLens 2? I have tried running some playground demos in the Firefox reality app but have been getting errors.
This may also be a really dumb question but how can I run the Babylon code I wrote on my PC on the HoloLens?
If anyone has any tips for the best way to run Babylon code on the HoloLens I would greatly appreciate it.

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@tlevin WebXR is supported by HoloLens 2: Using WebXR with Windows Mixed Reality - Mixed Reality | Microsoft Docs

That going said, It’s unclear what xr features are currently supported by firefox reality. I would suggest testing different WebXR samples with Microsoft Edge to see what features are currently supported for your device/browser version: WebXR - Samples ( WebXR is being actively worked on for edge/HoloLens 2. It may take additional browser releases to support the full WebXR spec/the features you specifically care about.