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Is babylonjs hololens ready?
Any tips and examples on developing apps or site for it?

It should have the same level of compatibility than the offered WebVR/XR support on the platform. It has been a while since I checked so no idea what is going on there.

A quick search, shows people trying to sell WebVR / WebXR stuff for it https://learnbrite.com/microsoft-hololens-webxr/. Though this says xr, it is using Edge, I find nothing to backup Edge is doing that, & in addition to WebVR.

Firefox says it will have a Hololens2 browser with WebXR soon. https://venturebeat.com/2019/02/24/mozilla-promises-firefox-reality-for-microsofts-hololens-2/. Not sure if Hololens 1 is going to be supported, though.

@bghgary , does BabylonNative have a planned implementation on HoloLens2?

Also, checking on Exokit, they seem to be musing about implementing on top of OpenXR with the hope Hololens might be gotten for free. https://github.com/exokitxr/exokit/issues/880

We are exploring this area. No concrete plans yet.

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Edge + babylonJS/playground + holole s = just a plain desktop view.

Theres no webvr button. Guide me if I’m wrong.

I do not think the playground has the ability to change cameras. That is a coding tools. Some of the demos have buttons to enter VR. https://www.babylonjs.com/demos/sponza/

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Thank you. I will try that and will report back.

Reporting… Hololens.
It shows sponza in the MS Edge browser (box).
VR button turns Edge bow to fullscreen with left/right split view (as we see in desktop - no 3D eye split display).
No orientation sensor functioning.
Result… frustrating…

Sponza split view works in Cinera Home Cinema. (3D mode).
Running on Windows 10 + Chrome.

Not really surprised at the lack of web testing for HoloLens. Very expensive, and major customers like US Military do not use Javascript, I’m guessing. You, being on of the few with access to one, are kind of on your own for now.

I have just decided to keep working on my workflow / content, and will let these devices come to me in terms of pricing & capabilities. Also, browsers are not all that natural in this type of environment. The various tools earlier in this thread leverage the javascript / webgl work flow into a native app. I monitor those, and actually did a couple of PR’s for ExoKit.

By not wasting money on hardware, I am just risking my time if these devices remain out of the main stream. Even then, I can take the content in a different direction, if VR / XR goes nowhere.

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Probably not news to some, but OpenXR 1.0 is just published. Judging from the download from the microsoft store, you guys would have to have a really good reason of not using if for BabylonNative on Hololens, since it is downloadable for Hololens already.

I am probably just making notes for myself, but here is link which has a Holens emulator using OpenXR

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