How to run the WebXR (AR demo) on Hololens2

I tried to use firefox reality to open the demo but it seems like they don’t work?
Can only see a black screen and there is no problem in the console.
Any ideas what went wrong there?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! What browser are you using to test? firefox reality?

yes, I test it but the browser just show a black background with nothing. I don’t know whether I should setup others.
I found this demo runs well but not babylon webxr demo

I sadly don’t have a hololens to test, but we are supported on firefox reality for hololens, so i find it odd.

The main page of the browser has a few demos, 2 of them are babylon demos (one of them is called clouds). Are they working?

you say
It shows page not found. Has It closed? :sweat_smile:

Firefox reality is not being actively developed anymore. It was a sad decision made by Mozilla a few months ago.
Firefox reality renders correctly, but lacks basic features like hand tracking, hit testing or plane detection.