Babylon on Quest 2

Hi all, I’d like to know what are the best method to launch a babylon project on a Quest 2.
I think that the official way is via the oculus browser.
But I’ve a ton of performance issue, also with babylon optimized demo project…
I need to use the quest 2 in stand alone mode, not cable linked or wifi linked with a PC…
I also see the babylon native project, but I can figure out if is ready for quest…
Thanks in advance

cc @RaananW

@BabylonNative is not yet supported on the oculus quest, so using the browser is the way to go. Optimizing your app to run correctly on the device you are targeting can be a hard task, that’s for sure. There have to be compromises to be made here - changing the way you deliver the app, changing the quality of the assets, changing the number of assets per scene or the scenes themselves. It very much use-case dependent and is sadly very hard to find a “one solution fits all”. Of course, if you have something specific you want to share and ask how it can be optimized, I am sure we will all be happy to help. One of the team’s most favorite topic :slight_smile:

The web browser is fully capable of caching resources and allow offline support, if done correctly. So you can get the website to work as you want it to (of course, after loading it once, just like loading an app once)

Thank you guys! See you soon!

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