Proposal for updating documentation

Hi great contributors,

I had an issue about exporting selected objects in Blender but solved thanks to the post.

Blender Export Selection - Questions - Babylon.js (

The official tutorial seems to be written based on Blender 2.79.
Blender to Babylon.js exporter | Babylon.js Documentation (

If OK, I can pull request that I replace the page or add explanation for Blender 2.80 or later.

How about it and which is better?

Kindly thanks.


We love community contributions! If you can find the time and update the page, please submit a PR. We will review and merge it

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I would hold off till 2.93 LTS, in late May. I only do changes for the LTS releases, which is about once a year. There are some new things, including changes to UI via custom properties.


Thanks for kindly reply.
I think it would be better to wait until update of late May.

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