Camera Panning / Zooming mixed up when using iOS

From this example

If you try to pan or zoom sometimes it does all or sometime it’s glitching out.

Any solutions?

I am sorry I can not repro :frowning: it seems to work on my iPhone. What device are you using ? @Cedric could you try as well just in case ?

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Tested on iPhone11 with Safari without any trouble. Same question as @sebavan for the device/ios/safari version. Can you also try to do a video of what’s happening?

It seems to have happened when using one finger scrolling then another one coming right up then it jitters like this.

iPhone X
iOS 13.2.3

I get it! I can repro in on my iphone. I think this is reproductible on Android as well.

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Cool, looks like you are up to fix it @Cedric :slight_smile: let me know if you need anything.

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I can reproduce the issue when rotating the camera with 1 finger then adding a second one.
It seems related to this comment:

@sebavan or @Evgeni_Popov Do you know if this hack can be properly removed ?

I have no idea at all, but it is probably super old as I remember it always being here :slight_smile:

You might try without on IoS and see what happens ? but it should not impact android at all which is pretty strange.

That bug seems to be fixed on iOS. But it doesn’t fix the jittering issue. I’m still trying to find a reliable way to reproduce it.

I was experimenting with three.js, they seem using active fingers to determine the behaviors. :confused: