Backward compatibility and Canvas 'data-engine' addition

Have you made the new cdn libraries in such way that a data-engine=“Babylon 5.0xxx” appears as a attribute of the canvas, as it is shown in picture? In case it’s correct, may i knoww why??? If it’s not the case. then what did i do wrong?

It is fully correct and it helps quickly spotting the engine version associated to a canvas in the page. ThreeJS did the same not long ago.

This should not break anything that was existing before.

However it does. The image show the error i get when trying to load a 4.2 version of a localhost served babylon files. Any suggerstion?

This has nothing to do with data-engine ???

It looks like you are using a 5.0 alpha version of the materials file with a 4.2 of the engine. Could you repro in the playground ?

Oh. Ok. Where can I found the zip file with the 4.2 version complete?

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they are all available here Babylon.js/dist at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Ok. Give me some minutes to download the files needed, try again and come back to you.


It seems that I have spent time and the work doesn’t run anymore. :cold_sweat: No posible to put to work none of the jobs without errors or as it should used to.


I am pretty sure we can help if you provide a repro but it is impossible without seeing the code.

Ok. Made it work but not in local file folders, changed to your cdn, and at least it works but too slow since using physics files.

My repo is this

But, js files should not be public. Therefore, obfuscation was applied.

Any suggestions?


Sorry but what are the remaining issues? You can find the 4.2 js files here: Babylon.js/dist at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

Hello @Leonardo_Villalobos just checking in if you still have issues.

Hi, Carol.

Thanks for asking, but, no. downloaded the preview files and no problems at all. Thxs.


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