Baked look, looks different in BJS

Hi there,

I’m finishing a project here, however the look of the model differs from the baked rendered view in the viewport in 3ds max.

The left is our BJS build, on the right I have my 3ds max viewport.

There is no light in the scene (BJS), but it looks a lot more dark and greyish. Not really fresh.

Not a gigantic difference but I was just wondering where this could come from.

Would be very usefull to be able to match our bake 1:1 with the BJS view.

What do you mean by there is no light ? is it using an unlit material ? could you share a repro ?

Managed to find the “issue”.
Tonemapping was enabled in my createScene function…

This was in my template file…

  scene.imageProcessingConfiguration.toneMappingEnabled = true
  scene.imageProcessingConfiguration.toneMappingType = ImageProcessingConfiguration.TONEMAPPING_ACES

Now the BJS version looks just like the baked version in my Viewport.

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