Does the model in blender looks different than the one exported as a GLB?

Hey all,
I need a clarification about this. So the model in blender looks good with the perfect lighting, the textures and so on, but when i export it as a GLB file and then upload it to sandbox! things aren’t quiet the same. There is no proper lighting, the texture looks dull , overall the wow factor which was there in blender was not there in sandbox after export.

Will be hard to help without the model. Also, have you tried in other glTF viewers (like

hey there,
I also have another problem. The lights intensity level goes crazy when it is imported and hence the model is way tooo bright

Are you able to share the model?

I don’t think I am allowed to do that

Blender has its own default lighting and environment settings which are not the same as any other, so every model will look different. I recommend looking at the lighting: Lights | Babylon.js Documentation (, and environment: Using An HDR Environment For PBR | Babylon.js Documentation ( settings on Babylon so you can master it to achieve any look you desire.

Yeah, I think you had another question about not looking the same as Blender using lights. You can set the “environment texture” to match in blender (you’ll have to look that up), but lights are just very different.

What you can do is place the location, direction of lights in Blender where it is simple to do, then export. In Sandbox, adjust the light settings to get as close as you are going to get. You then can either:

  • Try to work out how make the setting changes back in Blender, if you can. I posted the translation for SPOT light used for the JSON / BABYLON format.
  • Write a post load patch to make the changes at run time.

I long ago stopped caring what things look like in Blender, and made a whole iterative work flow that writes my material changes form BJS to a text file, & just data enter them back in Blender once I am happy.