Best shadow parameters for specific scene

Hi everybody,

I am trying to have the best shadow possible in a very specific scene. This scene includes only a model in the middle which fits in a box of 1x1x1. I followed every piece of advice from the documentation which is very well explained as usual :wink:

But I still can’t have the perfect shadow I am looking for ( or almost perfect haha )
Here is a playground with my parameters:

  • For my project, I need to use a directional light and a cascaded shadow.
  • I set stabilizeCascades to true because otherwise, it makes the shadow flickered.
  • I can’t have camera.maxZ < 50 because I have a skybox which needs to be visible like in the playground. I tried to play with light.shadowMaxZ/MinZ but it doesn’t change shadow quality like with camera.maxZ.

With those parameters, we can see some artefact on the watch glass and the shadow of the watch pointer is not that great.

Thanks for your help!

You don’t need the cascaded shadow generator for such a scene where you have a single small object to display.

When using a standard shadow generator, you can use the (new in 5.0) “Display Frustum” option of the inspector to tightly fit the frustum to the object: