Best way to create universe (space or constellations)

Hi all !

I’m new to Babylon, and I want to create a project who takes place in space. The goal is to click on some constellations to see something.
For exemple, you can see space with stars etc, and if you click on a fake constellation, some informations appear.

Because I’m new to this techno, I would like to know if there are any ressources about this somewhere. I already checked, but didn’t found, and I don’t really know how to start this.

If someone has any example ou tuto, I’m interested !

Thanks by advance !

Hey @Icky ,

Welcome to the Babylon family. Awesome to have you here!

Sounds like a fun project!

A piece of low hanging fruit in your project would probably be to think about a skybox. Here’s a link to a playground with a fantastic nighttime skybox done by @PatrickRyan.

Beyond that, it sounds like there’s a lot of different cool things you could do with a project like this.

Here’s some helpful info to get started on how to do selections in Babylon:

Also - @syntheticmagus links to some solid examples on how to blend camera control and mesh picking in the scene in this forum post here:

Hopefully those help you get started a bit on your Babylon journey.

Also, if you haven’t already, I’d strongly encourage you to check out the Babylon 101 documentation located here:

If you’re anything like me, it can be tempting to move past some of this intro stuff in an effort to get right to bringing your vision to life, but I STRONGLY encourage you to check out the 101 docs. It’s SUPER valuable!



I would use a skybox for the background and a billboard or mesh for the constellations.
You can do a mouse pick on a billboard or a mesh.

I found a great tool to generate space sky boxes.
Space sky boxes

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Hi !

Sorry for the delay, I work on several projects, so I have to switch very often.
Thanks a lot @PirateJC for these ressources. I gonna check the documentation too.
And thanks you too @JFerret it looks amazing !

I will read everything, thanks you very much guys !

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