Best way to fade between two multimaterials

I’ve a object with a multi material and I wish to fade it from one multimat to another.

I currently have cloned the node and am animating the visibility cloned node. I was wondering if there is a strictly material way to do this as the geo is on the heavy side, or if this is the best approach.


The only other way I can see is to have the two materials into a single one and have a variable that will blend internally between both. So, in effect, you would have a single node material and a variable to blend.

“two into a single one?” Into another multimaterial?

I’m using 16 tiled maps in the diffuseMap with emissive@(1,1,1)

I don’t see a single material type that will let me blend, via a variable, between two materials. Your recommending putting each multimat material (16 mats) into the 1 and 2 of another multimat and then animating the opacity of those two inversly? I’ll try it in the playground… thanks

No, I meant a node material in which you have the blocks of both “submaterials” and then you would blend the output of the end block of each of these “submaterials” before linking it to the FragmentOutput block.

But I may not have understood, I thought you were using a node material (created with the NME)…

Ahhh… Node Material. I think that’s what I’m looking for…

Just getting back into BabylonJS. I’ve not been since 2.5 and it’s amazing now!

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