Bit.Country Alpha Launch, Metaverse as a Service, Developers Wanted

Hello friends,

I would like to welcome you to Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network, a trusted partner of MetaDojo.

The bespoke framework is built on top of the excellent BabylonJS library - many thanks to the community! And also we are looking for more BabylonJS-ReactJS developers to join the browser-based metaverse revolution (more info at the end of the post).

Web App Demo: Bit Country - Metaverses made of 1 and 0 bits

Bit.Country is a decentralized application that gives creatives the tools to build a custom digital experience. Bit.Country is an all-in-one application that gives creators the tools required to customize voxels, the skybox, the terrain, your avatar and mint 3D assets as NFTs. Creators will use the tools provided to easily and quickly build immersive experiences for themselves, brands, and Web3 projects. Each metaverse is built upon deployed virtual land that can be subdivided into smaller lots to be traded or sold on the marketplace to co-create.

Take a look at the dApp today:

Bit.Country metaverses are digital spaces created by the users for the users. Metaverse owners can run campaigns to increase engagement and reward their community with NFT and token airdrops.

Bit.Country is built on their own substrate-based Metaverse.Network blockchain which is a parachain to Kusama (Polkadot ecosystem). Any person, project, brand, business, influencer, or community can easily use Bit.Country to experience or build an interactive immersive digital world.

Babylon JS Developer Job

We are looking for an experienced Babylon.JS developer to join our worldwide team.

Desired candidate would have:

  • Worked with TypeScript, Webpack and common web technologies.
  • Experience with morph targets, and animations.
  • Knowledge and ability to work with displacement maps.
  • Familiar with shaders, and node material.
  • Ability to design an SDK/API for others to use.
  • Experience with debugging and profiling.
  • Knowledge of React.JS, hooks, function components, class components and lifecycle (would be a plus).
  • Knowledge of blockchain (would be a plus).

Please email your CV directly to Ray Lu - Co-founder, Chairman of BitDotCountry:

Here are several videos of what we are doing :slight_smile:


Thanks Labris. Great post!


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Nice post @labris Hope you ll find someone awesome to complement your team !!!


Anyone who is good at performance tunning? And push the performance of CPU usage and GPU to a great shape? Thanks.