Blend object normals with node material

Is it possible to blend an objects normals with other objects where the vertices intersect with the node material editor?

Here is a screenshot of the desired result in Blender using the transfer object data and vertex groups.

I don’t know Blender so I don’t know what’s going on in your screenshots, but the node material editor is for generating shaders, not for changing the geometry (or normals) of different meshes.

This part is pretty obscure to me… There is no concept of mesh intersection in the node material editor (assuming you are talking about NME:

Thanks for the reply, I thought it might be possible to adjust the normals in the nme as you can do things like displace vertices along normal direction etc.

You can adjust the normal for the current pixel being processed and use it for shading, but you can’t adjust the normals for other points of other faces while shading the current pixel.

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