Use world space normals on an object (similar to Blender)

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I have a problem with a mesh having weird shading, and I was able to get close to the look I want in blender by adding a normal map node (without any normal map image) and changing the space of the input normal from Tangent space to World space.
But when I export this to Babylon via .glb, it seems to completely ignore this change. Is it because there is no actual normal map image? Is there a way to somehow force a material to use world space normals in babylon?

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I think seeing the mesh or some form of a reproduction would be important for us to be able to help :slight_smile:

Thank you for the warm welcome and the fast reply (also my apologies for taking this long to reply to your message). :slight_smile:
Your answer made me think that the problem should be solved in a different way, rather than using different space for the normals so I solved it by completely redoing the normals in the mesh in blender.
Out of curiosity - is there a way to use world space normals for a material in babylon? In the inspector I saw that I can change it between object and tangent space, but not world. Is this something that can be done through NME instead maybe?


I am happy you found a solution :slight_smile:

There are many blender experts roaming around the forum. I am sure you will get an answer very soon