Is there a way to export files from Babylon that can be directly used for rendering?

I built a babylon scene use babylonjs, I want to render it by some professional render engine, vray, blender, etc. Is there any way to export file that can be directly use for rendering?Is the shader, material, light can totally be export and import in to render engine? Anyone have tried this?

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You can export and import as much as GLTF or .babylon format allows to (as far as I know, you cannot save in GLTF your skybox or sounds).
I believe you’ll need to make some adjustments manually.
Blender is not a professional render engine but you may start with it.
Results may depend on how your scene was prepared for specific render engine.
Which results would you like to achieve with this approach?


This topic from the old forum may be a starting point SceneSerializer - Questions & Answers - HTML5 Game Devs Forum

Also you can export a scene from the playground using the inspector

See The Inspector | Babylon.js Documentation and scroll down to Tool Pane (or use browser Find On Page and search for gltf on the inspector page)

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Hello @11123 just checking in, were you able to export your scene to GLTF? :slight_smile:

Yes, there is no better choice, babylon’s gltf exporter work‘s well, In fact, as @labris said,
I can’t fully export all of my elements from inside Babylon to the other 3d platform to render directly, especially lighting and some custom node materials. But rendering some simple models and general materials is no problem, it is simple and straightforward enough

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Which kinds of lightining weren’t you able to export? For node materials there really isn’t a good way to export cross platform except baking them :confused: