Blender export transparent shader

What kind of shader I should use when meshes have transparency?
From what I understand the exporter tries now to bake node it doesn’t support.
Anways, how to setup transparency?
Shoudl transparency shader be supported? (that’s what I’m using).

ERROR: Exporter messes up the mesh material and textures when mutliple material slot are declared for an object in blender.

Maybe @JCPalmer would be able to help here.

First, I am not sure at all about transparency when exporting materials, so here is a PBR answer.

For non-textured materials, diffuseAlpha can be assigned from a Transparent or Principled node, though the other channels of Transparent are ignored.

For materials with textures, you also need to change the export transparency exporter property. The similar ones for Blender are ignored. They are not an exact match, & having Backface Culling defaulting to false is un-acceptable.

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