Blocking pointer events inside texture or panel

Hello everyone, I created a new playground to simplify the explanation process of what I want to achieve.
I have a panel and button with some pointer events in it.

I want to make the panel or dynamicTexture pointer blocker and the event should not be called.

I have a project where I open a dialog box and want to disable every button which is out of that box.
I know I can clear the pointer event for the button directly but it is not comfortable for my ongoing project.

Thanks guys.


button.isEnabled = false

may help you?

yeah it would work for this occasion. but I have a dialog box (something like modal) in my project as I said and disabling all buttons when this modal is open wouldn’t be a correct approach

when this red box opens I want to disable every button instead of yes and no and want to do it by blocking events on stack panel or advanced texture element

I hope I explained well

In this case


may help you, if I understand you correctly.

As I saw earlier in docs, isPointerBlocker() had to worked but not for me.

I already fixed that problem by adding isEnabled = true for the Rectangle element which is the parent of my box. As I found out isEnabled is not only used for button elements.

Thanks for supporting. Your first answer helped me somewhat really.