Bones are working differently after exporting into Babylon.js

Hello dudes,

how to get the same behaving of bones like in 3ds max, please? How can I correct my source code? Of course I tried to work with envelopes and the weight of the points, but I did not achieve the same result, see the video.

@Guillaume_Pelletier our exporter wizard might be able to help here and sharing your model (if possible) would definitely help him repro

May you share the MaxScene with us please ? then i can have a look



scene is attached, thanks. (47.0 KB)

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When you’re moving the bone002 into max, there is a constraint on length, which make the bone taking bone001 as Pivot point. I beleive you had to re-create this behaviour into your viewer part. Translation only will NOT work.


this is the problem that I try to set other and other parameters, variants in 3ds max… to achieve the same 3ds max result as in babylon.js. But I did not find a solution :frowning:

You mean Something like this ??

Send From Mars Rover.

Hi, the link recommends making this change:
Bone Tools> Objects Properties> Freeze Length

If I do, nothing will change at all. Still the same problem. This means: In 3ds max I see exactly what I need but after exporting to Babylon.js I have an unusable result.

OK, then this is what i told you on very first response, this is related to viewer behavior, not exporter. This must be done by programming into Babylon JS viewer.

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