Parenting object to bones not working at export with 3ds max


I made a simple scene to debug another bug but when I export the objects, the parented one are not parented in the babylon file.
here, the red boxes are skinned to one bones each. The green boxes are parented to the same bones as the red one.

If I parent a box to a bones not used in a skin the parenting is working.

Here is the playground

You can download the 3ds max file here

Pinging @drigax to help :slight_smile:

Sounds like the weights are not coming over correctly. Wana send me your babylon file so I can take a look?

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You can grab it here

Thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:

from what I see there are no weights or skeletons in the babylon file.

I bet you do not have your weights assigned correctly in 3ds and its skipping exporting of the skeleton it seems?

which is odd if you are getting them to move in the playground at all from loading them with that babylon file, cause the first thing I did was search skeletons and that array is blank.

In the babylon file there are some skeletonId set.
I don’t know if you can check the 3ds max file but you will also be able to check the setup.

@Pryme8 any news about this ?
Are you able to check the 3ds max file I shared ?

As far as I saw there were no weights assigned or skeletons in the bjs file. So that means It sounds like it never exported from 3ds. I do not know enough about the exporter, but assume there should be a simple fix. We just need someone who knows the 3ds exporter.

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Hopefully @drigax will be able to check it asap

Thanks for the ping, I’m currently preoccupied with a few other reported exporter bugs, but I should be able to give this a good look in around a week.

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Great, thanks :slight_smile:

Feel free to create an issue on the Exporter repo so we can track it


Ok, done :slight_smile:

Thanks !

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Actually I just realized that this is not supported. Bones are not entities you can inherit from in .babylon file format.

See my comment on the issue