Boxes not being linked to camera movement

Hi guys, I am fairly new to BABYLON.js and I have a bug that I can’t seem to fix…
So, my site is a load plan renderer (for wood bundles on flatbed trailers), the way it works (currently) is, you input a json (the json is generated from an API I built) into the input on the top left and clic on genrate, wich should generate you a load plan with all the bundles into the trailer.

The problem i have is that it is multi-solution, meaning that there are multiple scenes, the first scene loads perfectly, but the next scnes seem to not link the boxes to the camera movement, meaning that when i move the camera, the boxes stay still…

Can’t figure out how to get them to MOVE…

Files :

As I said in the comment of my file share, you just need to extract the zip, host it (i recommend live server extension on VSCode) and copy/paste the json onto the site…

Any help is REALLY appreciated! :blush:

Hi @TFTF and welcome to the forum. In order to increase the likelihood of responses, it is better if you create a playground. Not many people will go as far as

You do not have to reproduce your full code just a simplified version showing your issue. One with two scenes and created boxes should be sufficient.

How to use multi-scenes in a playground can be found at Use Multiple Scenes - Babylon.js Documentation

If you do need to load an external JSON file into the playground then here is how to do that Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation

Should using the playground prove impossible then a combination of github and netlify will give us access to the code and a live version.

Its not that we are lazy we are all busy with our own projects :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @JohnK,

Thank you for the quick response.

I tried putting a simpler version of my app on the playground, but I could not get it to work (jquery and stuff) so I went with the second approach and hosted it at :

So, just go to the site, the in the input on the top left, paste the content from solutions.json ( and you will see a load plan appear, then just go the the solution #2 and you will see my problem.

Thank you for your time.

It is very appreciated! :slight_smile: