Camera bounces back on collision

Hello, I am setting up a scene and I have a universal camera with checkCollisions enabled. But I am getting a very odd bounce when I collide with the asset in the middle of scene. However collisions at the either ends of the scene seem fine as you can see in the video bellow. I don’t know what is going on with the camera. Also in the begining camera seems to be raised and drops height as soon as move forward.

Here is a video of the description in action.

Here is a link to the live project

Pinging @PolygonalSun


When I tried to check that link, it just took me to a survey that wasn’t loading. By any chance, would you be able to provide a recreation in a PG so that we could see what’s going on, code-wise?

Was working with the link… sorry I fixed this issue. it was a problem with camera position and ellipsoid.

@PolygonalSun link should be working now… when you click the blue button on the first screen it loads the scene. I am now experiencing a heavy cpu/gpu usage even when not interracting with scene. I have tried various optimisations. using instances and freezing meshes and materials. I wonder what could be causing the heavy cpu/gpu usage.

You have to click next then the 3D will load

I tried that page and I wasn’t able to recreate the bouncing issue. Just out of curiosity, what browser were you using when you captured that initial footage?