Camera collider bug

It seems some bug with camera checkcollider when camera is limitted inner a space
If this space is closed,camera will cross bottom from front to back, but it can’t cross from back to front

If not add the _topMesh, camera collider work correct

I think the problem is your EdgeRectSide mesh: the bounding box encompasses all the scene:

You should set checkCollisions=false to it and instead create 4 thin boxes with checkCollisions=true for collisions with the walls.


Collisions occur only on the front face. There’s currently no detection of collision on the backface of meshes or even simple planes, no matter if they are doublesided. If you need collisions on both sides, either you duplicate your plane and invert the normals (and make the second collider invisible). Or instead of a plane you create a volume (a slimmy cube).

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I will have a try