Can babylon add caching strings to external texture loads of gltf using bin and external?

Good evening ladies and gents

So I was thinking how to solve an issue of some pipeline automation im working on. So im baking asset textures where some assets share textures

So with this, GLB becomes a problem because then every GLB packs the same texture into it. So then obviously you could just load them in at runtime but then that adds another layer of complexity and data management for all assets.

So then looking at GLTF , there is an option where it can make all textures external. This would be perfect, if it was not for the realistic use of assets on the web in the real world where caching becomes an issue. ( not just browser cache , stupid proxy server cache , the bane of any developers existence )

So this is solved by adding your own cache variable to any requests from your app as many will know ,


I personally have such issues myself with a clients app and the ISP they use. EVERY single request my app makes in any manner whatsoever needs me to be able to invalidate the request path if required to invalidate proxy server caching. ( did I say how much I hate this already? haha )

so coming full circle to the question at hand. Can the babylon GLTF loader that loads GLTF models that use external textures have such a feature added in some way? Some simple way that obviously doesnt get in the way of anyone who doesnt need it.

never mind … i just realized I cant escape the need to have some additional data management for assets and materials anyway due to each asset having specific and varied uv slot assignments for one or more materials

So i will have the pipeline script create some json as it works on the assets and then my app will load the textures itself using caching.