How to realize the collision between human body and clothes in Babylon?

At present, my method is to add skeleton animation to the clothes, but the clothes look unnatural and very stiff, so I want to add collision between the clothes and the human body to make the clothes more flexible and natural

Hiya x. I imagine that is done with physics clothImpostors.

That’s a Cannon version, so it needed to be “assembled”, as CannonJS has no clothImpostors by default.

When using ammoJS physicsEngine, IT has a clothImpostor built-in.

Cloth-physics-simiulating is a bit performance-heavy for JS, eh? nod.

scene.getPhysicsEngine().setTimestep(1 / 10);

Using that line, and adjusting its values… MAY help speed-up some things… not sure.

Let’s invite @ozRocker to the thread… as he has done some SERIOUS work with clothing and human bodies. Maybe he has some words of advice.