Can i apply material texture to the imported mesh?

Hi All…
i tried to apply texture to imported mesh from gltf model… but its not working…

this is my code : Babylon.js Playground

Hi, it is being applied, but due to backface culling you only see it from a lower angle:

Set backFaceCulling to true to see both sides:

It seems like the uv mapping on the imported mesh is comehow incorrect, but the material is applied to it correctly.

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Hi RaananW…
how do i fix it ?

That depends on the software you are using to create it. I am no expert in 3D modelling applications, so I can’t help with any, but you should clearly define where you want the texture and how it should be mapped before exporting it. Then babylon will be able to use this information.

Of course, i assume that you will want to export a more complex object than a plane. if all you want is a plane, go right a head and create a plane yourself in Babylon, it comes with all the goodies of being texture-ready.

yes… i want to export a more complex object…
Thank you RaananW,

You want to do an UV mapping of your mesh. Here the process on Blender.