Mesh imported from Blender doesn't shows textures

Hi there,
i’m trying to understand how to import meshes from blender. I have done a really simple mesh with a texture and from blender, on the Babylonjs exporter ver 6.4.5, i’ve setted the “Inline” features in “Texture/Materials” tab.
The .babylon file seems to be corret: i’ve checked the content and the thers is texture base64 encoded.
When i import the .babylon file in my scene, the texture is not applied to the mesh.
You can refer to this PG:
The .babylon file is encoded in base64 (base64Data) and then converted do blob (i need that to avoiding CORS on my production application).

Where do i fail or what didn’t understand?

I think the problem was that i’ve exported the file as PBR material.
Deselecting this option on blender i can see the textures.

Pinging @Guillaume_Pelletier

My mistake: i was producing a wrong Blender mesh without diffuse material.
Corrected it, and now it works :+1:

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