The Babylon JS License and The Future of Babylon JS

Hello there,

I’m wondering about the Babylon JS license…

What I’d like to do is to create a sort of easy games maker for myself, my own level editor. I wanted to do this with Unity, but it says in their terms of service that when you build a project it can only be used for publishing and the build can’t be used for creating the game itself.

If I develop a game maker with Babylon JS, can I just keep using the current version of Babylon far into the future, or is the current license subject to change in the future?

Also, am I able to sell an easy games creator or editor used making Babylon JS?

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Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! Yes, you can sell your games creator/editor, in fact the wonderful is made with Babylon! :smiley: We also don’t have any plans to change our license, we strongly believe in the power of open source :slight_smile:

Just as a general advice through, if you have a commercial project in mind, I always recommend consulting a legal professional, if possible, to check your tech stack, assets and everything else, because you’re probably going to use more tools than just Babylon, and these are subject to their own legal demands. I think it’s always better to be safe in every case; anyway, I wish you success in your project, and we’d LOVE to see it (and help promote it) in the demos section here on the forum!

Have a nice day :smiley: