WebXR in HTC headsets using SteamVR

I’m trying to run webxr samples in my HTC Vive heasets (Vive Pro and Vive Cosmos).
I use Google Chrome 80, enabled OpenVR flags.
The “headset icon” appears on playground example targeting WebXR, but when I click on them, the headset display a panel with “Chrome” and a loading animation and get stuck.

Anyone has a solution for using BabylonJS + WebXR using HTC vive (or any SteamVR headset) ?


I have to admit that I haven’t tried WebXR with any vive headset, so these are only guesses.

WebXR on desktop is currently officially supported on one type of headsets - microsoft mixed reality. Oculus support was always behind a flag, and was a bit complicated to get working. I hope they improved it by now.

Try playing with the flags in chrome://flags - cancel the XR sandboxing (or enable it, if disabled), and enable OpenXR. Try a combination of those and see if one of them is working.

I will do some research to see if Vive is working with any other webxr implementation - did you get it to work with the webxr sample page (WebXR - Samples) without polyfill?

Sandbox mode must be disabled, otherwise headset is not detected.
OpenVR hardware support must be enabled in chrome flags.

The WebXR samples have the same behavior as babylon playground. I guess it’s a bug of the OpenVR hardware support flag.

I hope it get fixed at some point.