Cannot export mesh to .glb with both morph targets and skinning in Maya 2022

Hello newbie here, apologies if I am missing something obvious!
I recently upgraded to Maya 2022 and I am using version v20220210.4 of the Maya 2022 exporter plugin.
I am trying to export a default cube as a .glb with both morph targets and skinning, which worked in 2020.
In 2022 I can export a cube which has only morph targets, however when I then bind the cube to a skeleton the morph targets are ignored by the plugin (log lists there as being “no morph targets” on export, even though they do exist).
Any help would be much appreciated.

cc @Guillaume_Pelletier


Hello, seems we have a regression into 2022 with rebuilding the target at export time (when beeing deleted). I guess you deleted your blend target here. So keeping your target and exporting with “onlySelected” options may be a quick work arround.
See also this discussion.
If this not the case, please share your scene with us, it help to find the issue and improve 2022 support.


Thankyou for the quick response!
I did not delete the blendshape target as it never existed as a separate mesh in the scene to begin with.
This is because I created it through the Shape Editor window which allows you to create and sculpt new blendshapes on a mesh without creating duplicates.
I did try generating the blendshapes through the Shapes > Rebuild Target option, which generated the seperate blendshape meshes but did not fix the export problem.

I’m not sure this is the source of the issue though, as I was able to export the blendshapes created through the Shape Editor when the mesh was not skinned with no issues.
I only started having problems exporting blendshapes when I bound the mesh to a skeleton.

Here are two pictures to illustrate:

  • Working blendshapes (no skinning)

  • Broken blendshapes (mesh skinned to joints)

And here are the two corresponding Maya 2022 scenes: (18.7 KB)

Found the issue, made a PR. Expect some days to be merged.
Enjoy the ride.


Awesome! I just tested out release 20220319.2 and it seems to be working.
Thank you so much for your help!

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