Morph Target + skinning

Hello guys

I’m trying to export a character rig with skinning + morph target from maya, but i obtain an error alert :
“A mesh with both Skinning and morph target is not fully suported. Please set the playhead at the fram you want to choose as the bind pose before exporting.”

Can’t we apply morph target to skinned character or the problem is elsewhere ?

EDIT : i’m exporting using babylon format

Hello which tool are you exporting from?

Hello Deltakosh , it’s maya 2020.1

Ok pinging @Drigax:)

The problem is that the Maya API doesn’t make it easy to deduce the skeleton’s rest position, and currently we export the mesh data based off its current deformation in scene. currently you’ll have to export your scene from some frame where your mesh is unaffected by both skinning and your morph targets, else the mesh data will export deformed.

I’m not sur to understand the process to export.
You mean, that while on T pose character without animation it won’t make any problem to export, but while animation is loaded it will ?
So i have to export frames with one or the other and then recomp the animation in Babjs ?

Too complicated for my project. I will leave the morph target

What I understand from @Drigax is that in the Maya editor you should select a frame so that what is currently displayed is your mesh without deformation (skinning and morph targets == identity). In effect, the current displayed frame should be your rest position because the exporter uses the currently displayed data as the rest data. But you should not have anything particular to do afterward, the animations should be ok in the export providing what said before.

But I can be wrong as I know nothing about Maya / the exporter (and very little regarding skeletons and animations)!



What @Evgeni_Popov said is correct, we use the current frame that you set Maya to before exporting as the base mesh. Morph target and skinning animation should export properly as long as you start the exporter with the playhead set to a frame where it is in restposition/t-pose.