Cant get uv6 to bind to mesh and work on CustomMaterial

I am trying to refine my GPU LOD stuff so I can use multimats and fade between LOD layers.

But for some reason I can not get the uv6 attribute to bind. Line 170 is where it supposed to happen and I add the ref on line 198 to the material.

But for some reason its dropping an error that there is no uv6.
This is related to but the first PG is the one I’m referring to and is a bit different in structure to make it easier to load meshes into the system. Just gotta figure this step out. This second one is just for reference.

@nasimiasl might know ?

AddAttribute don’t add the declaration for you in the vertex shader, so you need to add attribute vec2 uv6; in the Vertex_Definitions section.

i just use uv1 in standard material don’t know that support uv6
also custom material have all standard material limits

if you can move to nodeMaterial maybe that can be better