Carbon credit platform

Hey guys,

Here is our latest 3D Babylon 3D website created for Cavex. Cavex is a digital platform that connects carbon credit buyers with hundreds of small-scale projects in the Global South in a transparent and reliable manner.

Clay10 Creative developed the 3D assets in-house using 3DS Max and exporting to Babylon.js. We then created a looped scrollable experience to explain the platform and explain how the process allows Carbon credit buyers can see the impact of their purchases with direct visibility to small, high-impact projects. We created this before version 6.0 was released, looking forward to using it in our next project, however.

We always love to hear everyone on the forums feedback :grinning:


Nice job sir!!!

A few weeks ago I was doing some experiments using the same workflow.
I design the scene in 3DsMax with the different animations and I link the position of the camera to the movement of the scroll.

Another demo using baked physics


Wow! this looks awesome.

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Thank you very much although it’s only small experiment.

I’ve been seeing for some time that more and more customers want immediate web-based experiences.

I’ve worked for many years with Unreal and Unity, to this day I’m still working with both apps, but for the web it’s horrible.

No doubt BabylonJS is aiming very strong

By the way, your site is amazing :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


@Matt_Russell this looks stunning !!! cc @PirateJC yet another time today :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

This looks super nice! :smiley:

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