Cascaded Shadow not working in safari

We realized that the new CascadedSadow class is not working on the Safari browser both on computer or mobile.

You can check it with this playground:
Here is the WebGL error we get opening this playground in Safari:

Bye, Pichou :wink:

I assume this is a webgl 2.0 issue. @Evgeni_Popov?

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Indeed, it’s a WebGL 2 feature: look into the console log, you should see an error “CascadedShadowMap needs WebGL 2 support.”.

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Okay thanks I haven’t thought about the WebGL version.

We do not see the error “CascadedShadowMap needs WebGL 2 support.” though.

I will add a fallback to classic shadowGenerator then, thanks again :wink:

You’re right, the error was not displayed.

Fixed by:

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