CastoGUI Playground Demo

Any playground example for the use of CastorGUI to create a dialog? Is the following playground example working?


If you check the console you see the warning

Blocked loading mixed active content “"

This is because, for a couple of years now, playgrounds only allow scripts to be loaded from https.

Pinging @Dad72, as he is the creator of CastorGUI, to see if he has it on a secure server now.

Generally people now use Use the Babylon GUI - Babylon.js Documentation

I still do not have https on my server. So indeed, the CastorGUI demos will not work properly anymore.

I plan to add https on my server soon.

Good to know. Thanks for the quick response!

@JohnK Do you have an example of creating a dialog using Baybylon GUI? Thanks again.

I only know of the use of the GUI as in the docs.

Okay. Thanks.