Change laser pointer color in webxr

What’s the equivalent using webxr for the VRHelper.changeLaserColor function. In other words, how do I change the color of the laser pointer after migrating my code to webxr?

Our own XR chief will definitely have the solution: @RaananW ?

But I would guess WebXRDefaultExperience.pointerSelection.

where you should see all the different colors in use :slight_smile:

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Exactly there :slight_smile:

Everything is exposed publicly in the feature itself. If you use the default xr experience helper, it is already available to use using xrHelper.teleportation

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Thanks. Two follow ups:

  1. Shouldn’t ‘lasterPointerDefaultColor’ be ‘laserPointerDefaultColor’ ? I think that’s a bug.
  2. Should there be an explanation in the documentation? The original VR Experience docs go into quite a few things like this which the XRExperience docs are silent about and as a result it’s been quite confusing for me to work out quickly how to rewrite my VR code for XR although the result is certainly nicer in lots of ways.
  1. Yes, you are right. Thanks :grin:. typo, will be fixed
  2. Yes and no. The API is documented and available, and it’s a public member of this class. So it is documented. I’m still working on finalizing the XR documentation, but I can honestly say that some public members will not be a part of it.