VRExperienceHelper.changeLaserColor is not working


i noticed, that the VRExperienceHelper.changeLaserColor function is not working.
You can look this up here:


No matter which color you are trying to change to, it will stay grey.

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Hi @CLB_ZReality

It looks like the gaze tracker and laser colors are updated by this method:

you can disable automatic Gaze Tracker color by setting VRExperienceHelper - Babylon.js Documentation to false. but there is no such mechanism for Laser Color.
I can add a Boolean and a check. @sebavan can you confirm it’s way to go?

The main point is that the function is used internally on every frame so despite you using it, it will be reverted by the internal calls. I will make it clear in the doc function.

I will make the color configurable and come back to the thread ASAP.

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just added updateControllerLaserColor on the vrexperiencehelper so that you can first set your color then turn it to false to pick the color you want.

Would you need to change the color again, turn it to true, change the color and to false again or you can rely on the _setLaserPointerColor on the individual controllers.

It makes it on parity with the gaze color for the API.

Thanks, will have a look at it :slight_smile: