Change mesh.position and mesh.rotation properties after physics

i am new in game programming with babylon.js
how i can increase or decrease or change mesh.position and mesh.rotation properties after physics…?
if there us no ways for that how i can rotate and animate meshes after physics… to specific position and specific rotation?

I would suggest to not rely on physics if you animate manually.

Adding @Cedric who is amazing with physics.

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Hi @Star4_Droid and welcome to the forum!

You can animate static physics bodies (impostor with mass == 0) like in the marble tower demo:

For dynamic bodies, it doesn’t make sense to animate them. At least, if for some reason, you want to toggle between animation and physics, you can dispose the impostor, run the animation, and create a new impostor when animation is done.

What is your use case?

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thank you pro :heart:.
i am making android games engine using babylon.js,but i am not professional in it,
do u want to work with me?

I can answer questions or debug PG but I don’t have enough time to help you more.

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thank you
anthor question please.
how i can make the scene wait until all meshes loaded from its files?

You can find infos in the documentation. For example with gltf:

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