Changing the loading screen logo

As far as I can tell, there is a way to change the text and the background, but no easy way to change the loading icon: Babylon.js/babylon.loadingScreen.ts at 263b0638b78a37e62263c8719849b2dc517ff45e · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

How would I go about adding a custom logo?

Here we are: Babylon.js Documentation

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Was hoping there was a way to change the logo as easy as the color or text. :slight_smile:


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The idea behind that decision what to find a way to get the logo visible as a way to let users know about babylonjs as the main issue of Babylonjs is that developers do not know it:)


:slight_smile: Do we let J “sneak in”?

Wait a few seconds after load… and the loading graphics will turn-on for 10 more seconds.

Lines 2-52 need to be included in your project… at the top… like shown.

JS version of code was copied from (a pure-JS non-compressed version of latest BJS).

Line 36 uses a URL, in this version. Be sure to give BabylonJS a little “exposure” when/where you can.

I think @Deltakosh is in France right now, marching with the yellow-vests (j/k), so he understands the occasional need to adjust “establishments”. :snowflake::christmas_tree::santa: :fr: :peace_symbol:

Would that be called “Macron-management”? (ar ar ar) (blague française)

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Oh but I’m ok for any adjustements :slight_smile: I was only mentioning the reasoning behind the API choice

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