Character Creator 3

Has anyone imported anything created by Character Creator into BJS?

I don’t.
One time from daz3d, but was normal fbx, and most of the time I buy from turbosquid.
But looks nice this site, I didn’t know about it, maybe I’ll try too.
Meanwhile if you try it, tell us how it is :yum:

Im more interested in their API for various reasons :wink:

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I was experimenting with Character Creator/iClone 7 over the weekend and also had problems on the import into BJS. The FBX loaded fine in Unity, but when I attempted to convert it to a glb (using the process would not complete.

I THINK (haven’t had time to verify) the problem is that the textures and mesh are multiple meshes, which is not compatible with the conversion tool.

I gave Character Creator a quick look and there would have to be some serious optimization done to use these models for real time rendering. Even taking their default model and reducing the mesh with their reduction tools isn’t enough. I brought the mesh into Maya and while the vertex count wasn’t ridiculous, there were a ton of materials and meshes. There were also far too many morph targets in the default model and my guess is that there were too many bone influences per vertex. I didn’t dig into the optimization tools in their package, but it’s obvious that they are leading with pre-render with real-time rendering as a tack on for their toolset.

Wasn’t a fan of how many tools it wanted to install and how the launcher wanted to open on startup. I think there would need to be some manual optimization of the assets coming from their package, so I doubt you’d be able to go from Character Creator into Unity and convert to glTF. Most likely you would need to round trip through Maya, Max, or Blender and then export to glTF from there after some optimization.