Clearing the Highlight Layer

What is the most direct way of clearing out all the added meshes in the highlight layer?

I rather not dispose() the layer then have to recreate it, as it seems overkill

I rather not have to somehow find all the added meshes and removeMesh on each as it seems slow.

I did not see a way in the documentation to access that mesh list (or else I would just null it.

I could just be suborn about this by not wanting to do the two options above, but is there a better way to purge the mesh list? The mesh list itself must be private as not in the documentation.

Still that is the way to go, because removing a mesh from the list is not a simple operation, it has to free some internal resources created for each mesh:

public removeMesh(mesh: Mesh) {
    if (!this._meshes) {

    var meshHighlight = this._meshes[mesh.uniqueId];
    if (meshHighlight) {

        if (meshHighlight.observerHighlight) {

        if (meshHighlight.observerDefault) {
        delete this._meshes[mesh.uniqueId];

    this._shouldRender = false;
    for (var meshHighlightToCheck in this._meshes) {
        if (this._meshes[meshHighlightToCheck]) {
            this._shouldRender = true;

I guess the class could provide a removeAllMeshes function, freeing you from the need to maintain a list of the meshes in the layer. But this function would loop through the mesh list and would call removeMesh from each (well, it could do a little better because the function would not need the few last lines of removeMesh to be executed each time).

You can try to do a PR for that if you feel to :wink:

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added to this pr Fix #7645 video texture poster is inverted by sebavan · Pull Request #7648 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Thanks all, that is awesome.