Cloning mesh to display both side with different color

Currently, I’m trying to render a mesh with different colors on both (front & back) sides.
In the attached PG, I noticed that when I use HemisphericLight two grounds display red / blue on different sides, which is a “desired behavior”.
However, if I switch to PointLight the back face is rendered black.

Questions :

  1. Would there be a way to get a “desired behavior” with PointLight?

  2. Is it possible to change the position of the HemisphericLight? In my personal project I’m using PointLight because when I used HemisphericLight before, the other side (viewed by using ArcRotateCamera) of the mesh was rendered dark(shaded). I wanted the viewed part of the mesh to be bright so I used PointLight and updated position of the light to that of camera.

You will have to use a second point light and position it correctly if you want to light the back faces.

Hemispheric lights don’t have a position, only a direction. What you can do, maybe, is creating a second hemispheric light and use a different direction than for the first one. For eg: secondHemiLight.direction = firstHemiLight.direction.scale(-1).

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