Compositing 2 PostProcess


is it possible to have 2 different Post Processes of the same camera and add one on top of the other using an alpha value?
And more complex blending modes like multiply, etc…?

Thanks a lot


Take a look at How To Use A Post Process Render Pipeline | Babylon.js Documentation ( and Render Target Texture With Multiple Passes | Babylon.js Documentation (

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Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I did read that part of the docs before submitting the question, but I haven’t managed to understand if I can composite different pipelines directly in the shader manager.

The option of using a Render Texture was my first option but it has some performance and logical issues for what I’m trying to achieve. But from what I see the RenderTargetTexture (RTT) is probably the correct way to do it.

I try to implement it this way, bless

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Hello @Mescalina just checking in, were you able to achieve what you wanted? :slight_smile: