Console error in Playground while typing

While I’m typing in the PG Editor I get multiple errors:

Thank you!

I think it is because the code running the playground checks the code you write as you type and as you have the console open any errors in your code get reported from time to time. When it happens to me I just clear the console before running my code.

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You can try hard resetting your browser cache @roland I guess it might be an issue fixed by @RaananW a couple days ago.

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whats the best way to reproduce this? I don’t get any error when typing…

Hello, please watch this short video:

Firefox, Edge and even Chrome Canary is working well. I’ve reinstalled Chrome before taking the video. I’m the only one affected? :frowning:

You receive the old worker file for some odd reason. But you are saying all other browsers work correctly? That makes me wonder…

Can you share the content of for me? Especially the function relatedName . If possible check if it is different in chrome and in a browser it’s working at.

I guess you already tried it, but have you cleared cache and/or tried a hard refresh?


// > This worker will analyze the syntaxtree and return an array of deprecated functions (but the goal is to do more in the future!)
// We need to do this because:
// - checking extended properties during completion is time consuming, so we need to prefilter potential candidates
// - we don't want to maintain a static list of deprecated members or to instrument this work on the CI
// - we have more plans involving syntaxtree analysis
// > This worker was carefully crafted to work even if the processing is super fast or super long. 
// In both cases the deprecation filter will start working after the worker is done.
// We will also need this worker in the future to compute Intellicode scores for completion using dedicated attributes.

// see monacoCreator.js/setupDefinitionWorker

// monaco is using 'define' for module dependencies and service lookup.
// hopefully typescript is self-contained
var ts = null;
var define = (id, dependencies, callback) => ts = callback();


// store deprecated names
var deprecatedCandidates = [];

// optimize syntaxtree visitor, we don't care about non documented nodes
function canHaveJsDoc(node) {
    const kind = node.kind;
    switch (kind) {
        case ts.SyntaxKind.Parameter:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.CallSignature:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ConstructSignature:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.MethodSignature:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.PropertySignature:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ArrowFunction:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ParenthesizedExpression:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.SpreadAssignment:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ShorthandPropertyAssignment:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.PropertyAssignment:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.FunctionExpression:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.FunctionDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.LabeledStatement:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ExpressionStatement:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.VariableStatement:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.Constructor:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.MethodDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.PropertyDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.GetAccessor:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.SetAccessor:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ClassDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ClassExpression:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.InterfaceDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.TypeAliasDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.EnumMember:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.EnumDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ModuleDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ImportEqualsDeclaration:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.IndexSignature:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.FunctionType:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ConstructorType:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.JSDocFunctionType:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.EndOfFileToken:
        case ts.SyntaxKind.ExportDeclaration:
            return true;
            return false;

function onFindDeprecatedCandidate(node) {
    const name = relatedName(node);
    if (name)

function relatedName(node) {
    if (canHaveJsDoc(node) &&

    if (node.parent)
        return relatedName(parent);

    return undefined;

function visit(node) {

    if (node.jsDoc) {
        for (const jsDocEntry of node.jsDoc) {
            if (jsDocEntry.tags) {
                for (const tag of jsDocEntry.tags) {
                    if (tag.tagName && tag.tagName.escapedText == 'deprecated')

    ts.forEachChild(node, visit);

function processDefinition(code) {
    if (deprecatedCandidates.length == 0) {
        const sourceFile = ts.createSourceFile('babylon.js', code, ts.ScriptTarget.ESNext, true);
        ts.forEachChild(sourceFile, visit);

    self.postMessage({ result: deprecatedCandidates });

self.addEventListener('message', event => {
    const { code } =;

EDIT: Yes, I’ve done every available method to hard refresh the page known to me and as I wrote I even reinstalled Chrome.

This part:

if (node.parent)
return relatedName(parent);

Was changed almost a week ago. If it works the same on other browsers them it’s a CDN issue, but if it doesn’t work only in one browser then it’s a browser issue. I’ll check the CDN, purge it again just to be sure.

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Yes, it make sense. Thank you!