Contest with prizes to be won

Hi @PirateJC

I wanted to propose the idea of setting up a contest with an imposed theme with prizes to be won.
The goal would be to create a Babylon.JS scene with instructions, for example, glTF file, number of Draw Call max, maximum project size, UI via html, etc…
Participants would provide a link to see their achievements and sources for participation.
What does not participate can see the achievements and learn from exploring the project’s source files.
I hope you find the idea interesting.


@PirateJC is on vacation so his response may be delayed but it sounds like a fun idea to me. Babylon contributors have also helped judge competitions like in the past where Babylon can be used.

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Thank you for thinking like me that this might be a good idea. We wait for @PirateJC’s return to see what he thinks about it. Anyway, thank you for your answer.

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Hey @Cstfan - What a cool idea and fantastic proposal! I love this idea!!! This could be a fantastic and fun way to engage the community through fun and friendly competition! Let me think a bit more about this and get back to you about how we might pull this together.

Fantastic suggestion!!!

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On the old forum, the used to be a “monthly” contest (more like 3-6 months). If I remember correctly it attracted maybe ~ 5 entries/contest - which forum members could vote on.

Seems like a long time ago now.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

While I know this is a little bit different, on the topic of this thread there’s THIS competition that should be really fun to participate in!