Context Restore for textures with bloburl not working

we encountered an issue when webglcontext is lost. But only for our materials which uses blob urls

I added the problem in the playground

directly giving the url will not crash and restore fine

This will be fixed by Fix Texture rebuild on context lost by sebavan · Pull Request #13299 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Sorry @Evgeni_Popov just noticed you assigned it to you and I was doing it in parallel of meetings :frowning:

Np :slight_smile:

I also ended up with this fix yesterday, but then I noticed that the restored texture was Y inverted and I could not understand why… As it was already late I did not make a PR. Will have another look today.

the fix solves the crash.
We found some issue after restore with WebGL 1 and non quadratic texture. The texture gets black.

Thanks for the repro. This PR will fix the problem:

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