Convert characters to BJS in Blender 3.0

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Want to switch out bots in this PG for new characters:

A dear buddy of mine added Blender 3.0 to a laptop they gave me but exporter only goes to 2.9. I have the characters rigged (Mixamo) and saved as .fbx files in Git( fairy and detective files… Tried to follow the steps in the Mixamo to Blender doc but it messes up things.

How to do a correct switch-a-roo in Blender 3?

I do not know anything about Mixamo workflow, but rather use Make Human. Thanks for the reminder, I need to do a test for myself to check on things there.

As it relates to yourself, depending on what & how much you are doing in Blender, the change to 3.0 might actually be messing things prior to export.

I only make changes for major releases (LTS) of Blender. The next will be 3.3, if the pattern holds. While I am glad you reported this, this is not much to go on. The “.0” releases of Blender have all the new stuff. Then in “.1” especially, all the bug fixes go in. I just sit that drama / time suck out till “.3”. It could go away in the next release.

There is also another known problem that has been reported in 3.0. When a material is not representable in BJS, and the exporter tries to bake it, the exporter errors. There were major speed improvements in 3.0 to the Cycles renderer, which does all the baking in Blender. My attempts to get it to render faster, not longer work. Errors are actually easier to deal with than “messes up”.

Multiple versions of Blender can be installed on the same machine. That is what I recommend for now.

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Sorry for late response. I upload 2.9 Blender and export but issue now is doing the transformation. It was simple on a Mixamo bot but having characters with the mesh/materials seems to post a challenge for me. (fairywave.fbx, detectivewave.fbx)…what would be the right scale/rotation for them?

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