Converting Dropbox links

this info appears to be out of date
my dropbox links look different

does anyone know the right adaption of the url?

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I have the ‘twist’ but I believe the method should be updated to handle the key. At least the doc should be updated, but I would likely also add a parameter for the rlkey. Of course, my opinion only. cc @RaananW


Thank you for looking into that @mawa !!!

yep! this needs to be updated! we need to make a list of doc pages that need updates.
CC @PatrickRyan and @PirateJC for this page (and maybe for the list of pages to be updated :slight_smile: )

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@WillemCramer, I looked into the docs and your example. The argument dl=0 in the generated url is for forcing a download and is not needed. However the rlkey argument is needed in this case, so your link will fail if this parameter is removed. However, removing the dl=0 argument is fine.

So the link that was generated:

Can have the first argument removed and will still work as dl=0 is no longer needed:

Note that we remove dl=0& since there is only one argument so the & is not needed, but we retain the ? to denote that an argument is to follow.

I updated the docs as a part of the PR on the ribbon example you shared.


Hi. Thanks… good that I found that here!
Is this still the older version> Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

@yamaciller, the page you are linking to was changed in this PR to include the information from this thread. You can verify this in the files changed section of the PR itself.

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… or - You can verify this by reading the content more carefully :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
In any case, I can confirm this has been updated and the content is relevant for both cases.
Feedback/info from a satisfied bjs/dropbox user :grin:

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Call me not careful, but I still see the old linkage format on that page,

But I might do something wrong?

As here I use the “new” format and it works

Do you want to submit a PR to uodate the doc ?

@yamaciller, if you mean the code snippet not having an rlkey parameter, you are correct because this changed at some point and may not be valid for legacy dropbox links. I don’t use dropbox as a file share source, so I am unfamiliar with when it changed over or if every legacy link has also been converted to need this parameter. It seems like they would have broken a lot of legacy experiences if they had. We mentioned in the 5th bullet that while the dl parameter of a dropbox link is unneeded, if the generated link has an rlkey parameter, it is required to be included after the filename.

Since this is likely the way of things going forward, I can add a mock rlkey parameter to the code snippet if that was your concern.

No, I can confirm the links are unchanged.

And then if I, as a regular dropbox user, read this content, I can actually see both use cases. Though, may be it would be clearer to split it for both ‘legacy’ and ‘actual’, I don’t know…

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If you ask me, it would be a ‘nice to have’. Nothing essential though (my opinion only).

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