Converting Dropbox links

this info appears to be out of date
my dropbox links look different

does anyone know the right adaption of the url?

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I have the ‘twist’ but I believe the method should be updated to handle the key. At least the doc should be updated, but I would likely also add a parameter for the rlkey. Of course, my opinion only. cc @RaananW


Thank you for looking into that @mawa !!!

yep! this needs to be updated! we need to make a list of doc pages that need updates.
CC @PatrickRyan and @PirateJC for this page (and maybe for the list of pages to be updated :slight_smile: )

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@WillemCramer, I looked into the docs and your example. The argument dl=0 in the generated url is for forcing a download and is not needed. However the rlkey argument is needed in this case, so your link will fail if this parameter is removed. However, removing the dl=0 argument is fine.

So the link that was generated:

Can have the first argument removed and will still work as dl=0 is no longer needed:

Note that we remove dl=0& since there is only one argument so the & is not needed, but we retain the ? to denote that an argument is to follow.

I updated the docs as a part of the PR on the ribbon example you shared.